Community Support

Established in 1977 – our aim is simple – to enable the voluntary and community sector to grow and flourish, 
whilst at the same time supporting an inclusive community for everyone.

We deliver a diverse combination of services and projects across the County. Continually striving to support the development of new and established organisations, opportunities, and partnerships, we aim to address the needs of the community and to help fill gaps in service provision.

We love collaborating with others through our partnerships, research and development work, whilst also providing accessible and welcoming community spaces.

How do we do this?

Selby District AVS team member
  • Support, information, and guidance for community groups and organisations.
  • For individuals
  • Partnerships and Collaborations – hosting and contributing to a range of networks and forums
  • Opportunities – to share information, bring people together, address gaps in service provision, trial new initiatives

Direct service provision:

  • Community Transport Scheme,
  • Social Prescribing Service,
  • Employability training schemes including Career Development Coaching,
  • Holistic support for vulnerable people.

Researching and evaluating community needs and developing innovative ways to demonstrate the social impact of what we do.

Community House Selby

Developing and managing Community Buildings and Spaces, consulting, investing, and engaging residents to ensure viable and sustainable community assets for the future.

Up for Yorkshire is your Local Anchor Organisation

We bring people together and help communities and organisations to develop, collaborate, and influence the decisions that affect their communities, building on strengths and alliances. We are always looking at wats to share our experience, contacts, resources, knowledge and expertise with other local organisations.

At Up For Yorkshire we are:

  • Building local partnerships and alliances to deliver services
  • Improving physical and mental wellbeing and reducing health inequalities
  • Supporting regeneration of communities
  • Building community resilience
  • Improving people’s financial resilience
  • Increasing local capacity to deliver services by utilising local partnerships and alliances
  • Creating or supporting opportunities for more residents to be involved in place-based social action, which contributes to the five ways to wellbeing:
    • Connect
    • Be Active
    • Take Notice
    • Keep Learning
    • Give

If you are an individual, group, or organisation in need of Support, Advice, Signposting or Information, please contact us:

Monday – Friday

8.30am to 5.00pm

01757 291111

To keep up to date with the latest information, sign up to our Facebook page, or email to subscribe to our newsletter.

If you are in urgent need of advice and help, outside of our opening hours, you can contact North Yorkshire County Council on 01757 780780, who are open throughout the period we are closed.

Our values


Ensuring inclusion and equality for everyone and celebrating diversity


Working with others to achieve shared aspirations and goals


Welcoming all organisations, sectors and individuals to access our services, and support, offering our skills to new collaborations

Kindness and authenticity

Supporting individuals with a refreshing combination of thoughtfulness, honesty, solutions, referrals, and motivation

We are here to help!

If you’re in need of advice, please do get in touch.

If we aren’t able to help you directly, we’ll know someone locally who can.

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