In partnership with Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles, we have been working closely with the ‘TRIBE’ team and North Yorkshire Council since Autumn 2023. The TRIBE App maps community activities, helping organisations to publicise and list their offer, and residents to find the help, support, or activities they are looking for. The app is completely FREE, and connects local communities & trusted organisations with people who need support or information.

Tribe is available for iOS, Android and Desktop.

How TRIBE can help you


Find Your Perfect Support

Shape how you want to be supported. Find and manage local support providers that suit your requirements.

Manage All Your Needs

Manage your care and support requirements, agreements, schedules and payments all in one place.

Monitor Your Loved Ones

Integrate non-intrusive and private smart devices to help your loved ones remain independent in their home.

To find out more

If you’re in need of advice, please do get in touch.

If we aren’t able to help you directly, we’ll know someone locally who can.

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